Built in 1991, the Detroit Assembly Complex- Jefferson resides in Detroit, Michigan and covers a full 3 million square feet. Assembling and producing internal combustion engine vehicles sine its opening, Stellantis made a 2019 announcement to heavily invest in modernizing the plant to produce electric vehicles. This modernization involved taking two existing plants and retooling them with the proper equipment, as well as adding one brand new plant. 

Dearborn Mid-West played an integral role in the refurbishment of the existing complex and the construction of the new plant to accomplish the overall goal of modernizing the facility. Over 13,000 square feet of conveyor was installed during the course of refurbishment. 50,000 square feet of enclosed building space was added during new construction along with truss design and fabrication. The project was efficiently completed in a reduced schedule for maximum return on investment for the customer.

Highlight products installed include:

  • Friction conveyor
  • Vertical drop lifts (VDL)
  • Fork transfer
  • Power and free conveyor

The installation of the friction conveyor system was a highlight achievement on this project- it was the first friction conveyor system installed by DMW.