Amazon erected its sixth Michigan fulfillment center, known as “DET6,” on the old Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit, Michigan. As the largest and most technologically advanced Amazon warehouse in Michigan, it encompasses 3.8 million square feet and five full floors. Upon construction of the facility, Dearborn Mid-West was awarded with the conveyor installation through the client Dematic.

Throughout the five different floors of the warehouse, Dearborn Mid-West installed over 90,000 feet of conveyor and 13,000 square feet of platforms. Over 385,000 direct hire manhours were managed to complete installation.  

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the project outcome but led to robust learning opportunities for DMW’s project managers and field installation team. The overall project timeline was significantly shifted by one year, delaying the warehouse opening. A challenging conveyor installation plan over five stories with supply chain shortages was successfully completed. A light duty labor force agreement allowed for advantageous pricing for the customer. 

Highlight products installed include:

  • 85 feet tall spiral chutes
  • 468 Tiffin distribution chutes
  • Interlox rollerbeds
  • Siemens destackers
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