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Pipe Conveyor Systems

DMW collaborates with FL Smidth for the design and supply of pipe conveyors for all industries and most bulk materials. The pipe conveyor is a belt conveyor wrapped into a tube shape and this allows the pipe conveyor to negotiate vertical and horizontal curves without the need for transfer towers, the conveyor also protects the material and the environment from spillage since the dirty side of the belt is always facing inside.

Pipe conveyors are also useful in moving dusty and free flowing materials where dust control is a concern.

The pipe conveyor can negotiate steep inclines up to 30 degrees and the pipe conveyor can also carry different materials both directions simultaneously. This is particularly applicable to a power plant that needs to move one material into the plant and another material from the plant such as limestone and gypsum.

The maximum length of a pipe conveyor is gradually increasing. FL Smidth, DMW's partner, is currently building a 5 mile long pipe conveyor that will carry material in both directions simultaneously. The Bulk Group is currently involved in a number of pipe conveyors in the 2 to 3 mile long length within the United States. Some of the U.S. pipe conveyor systems handle coal, pet coke, limestone, gypsum, cement, and additive materials.

Capacities range from 50 tph to 4,000 tph depending on material density.

Contact Sudy Vohra (sudyv@dmwcc.com) for more information.

Limestone pipe conveyor carrying limestone from storage silo to crusher tower - contains 3D curve

Large diameter pipe conveyor carrying limestone and pet coke from barge unloading
dock to power plant

250 mm diameter pipe conveyor under construction that will move limestone from
barge unloader to power plant

 Long pipe conveyor with 1500 TPH capacity terminating at crusher tower





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